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 In one session different means can be combined, clinically proven for their therapeutic performance, such as "currents", ultrasound, hot or cold patch, therapeutic massage, kinesiotherapy, therapeutic exercises.

 The priority is to treat the pain and promote healing, and then we aim to avoid the recurrence of the problem.

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Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation

Treatment of musculoskeletal problems of the limbs and spine, after injury, accident, muscle spasm, strain, or due to poor posture.

Treatment of pain and inflammation in the acute stage, as well as chronic persistent pain that affects the quality of life.

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Neurological Rehabilitation

Neurological Rehabilitation refers to Vascular Stroke, chronic neurological diseases that lead to functional deficits, such as multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease,​ spinal cord injuries

neuromuscular diseases and myopathies

peripheral neuropathies including Guillan - Barre disease and nerve entrapment syndromes.

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Gait Training and Falls Prevention

Multifactorial risk assessment of falls, extensive training with balance and strength exercises, as well as practical tips for avoiding falls.

Evaluation and training for the safe use of walking aids.

Dealing with fear and low self-esteem and activity after a fall.

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Postoperative Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Physiotherapy is indicated after orthopedic surgery, such as operations on the hip, knee, shoulder, wrist, arm, neck, ankle, and spine to facilitate rapid recovery.

The main goals are to gain movement and strength and return to your daily activities and the prevention of possible re-injury during rehabilitation.

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Rehabilitation after Cardiothoracic surgery

The role of physiotherapy after cardiothoracic surgery is the

safe early mobilization and the progressive rehabilitation to return to daily activities, the evaluation of the patient's goals, and the facilitation of the fastest and safest recovery.

It is important to progressively exercise moderately with a supervisor, and change your lifestyle to avoid recurrence of cardiovascular problems.


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Respiratory Physiotherapy

It concerns diseases of the respiratory system, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma, cystic fibrosis, bronchiectasis, neuromuscular diseases, etc.

The aim is to mobilize and assist the expectoration of secretions, to maintain and improve the strength of the respiratory muscles,

the treatment of shortness of breath

and fatigue through positions of relief and relaxation techniques. The long-term goal is to improve the quality of life through counseling and a personalized exercise program. 

Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage has been shown to treat pain, which includes lower back pain, neck and shoulder pain, osteoarthritis pain in the knee, and headaches. Also, it is effective in restoring muscles from athletic strain or injury.

There are many different massage techniques, which are tailored to the needs of every individual.

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Personal Therapeutic Exercise Program

Exercise therapy is combined with other applications of physiotherapy and its benefits are many, such as correction of posture, restoration of muscle weakness and neurological deficits and prevention of re-injury after injury.

Adopting an exercise program on a daily basis has been shown to reduce chronic pain, but it also has psychological benefits, as it helps to deal with anxiety, sleep problems and depression.

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Sleeping problems and Stress Management

The sleeping hygiene and stress management are very important for the physical and mental health overall.

If you have trouble sleeping, physical therapy can help a lot.

With the combination of relaxing exercises or therapeutic exercise, training of diaphragmatic breathing, auricular therapy, biodynamic massage, but also with sleep hygiene counseling, we can train the nervous system to return to normal biological rhythms.

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Ear Neuromodulation

Ear neuromodulation or otherwise auricular therapy , is a diagnostic and therapeutic technique, dealing with diseases of the whole organism by examining and activating appropriate points in the ear area.

It is based on scientific data related to neurophysiology and neuroanatomy of the ear. Auricular therapy is applied by doctors, dentists, physiotherapists etc.  

It can be used as an adjunct therapy to treat both physical ailments and psychosomatic conditions. Specifically, it has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antispasmodic and anxiolytic action, as well as it boosts the mood.

biodynmic massage

Biodynamic Massage

Biodynamic massage is both a physical and emotional approach. Each treatment is 100% unique, as we follow the biorhythms of the body, such as respiration, circulation and digestive function which are different in every person and every time. The goal is to balance the autonomic nervous system and work with chronic muscle contractions that affect the function of the musculoskeletal, respiratory, digestive, but also the way we experience ourselves. It is suitable as a complementary treatment for chronic problems, psychosomatic conditions, low mood and anxiety disorders, but is also suitable for anyone who wants to improve their relationship with their body.

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Physiotherapy and Mental Health

The range of physical therapy in mental health is wide, including the treatment of physical symptoms such as pain, fatigue, hyperventilation, and anxiety related to psychosocial problems. Medical unexplained symptoms are also categorized under this general condition. In all of these cases, the therapist explores the relationships between social, psychological, and behavioral factors, including physical processes and quality of life.

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