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The physiotherapist is the most specialized health professional to promote rehabilitation and facilitate movement.

  1. With home visits it is possible for the therapist to evaluate your ergonomic environment, ie you can be given practical advice on how to carry out all your daily activities with greater ease, making small changes.

  2. You are trained to perform special exercises that will help to correct the problem, in your area, and thus make it easier for you to follow the clinical plan in the right way and with the best results.

  3. During home treatments, the therapist has all his attention on you, providing the best care.

  4. Your loved ones are also being trained on how they can best help you during your recovery period.

  5. You save time and money by moving to the physiotherapy center while staying in the comfort of your own home.

  6. Avoid crowded places and feel safe staying at home.

My Home Physio. GR
My Home Physio. GR


My Home Physio. GR


My Home Physio. GR


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Member of the

Panhellenic Association of Physiotherapists

My Home Physio .GR

Honorary member of

Association of

Biodynamic Massage Therapists,

United Kingdom

My Home Physio .GR

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